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WHY DONATE?   By donating you are helping to keep the server online, with quality and always updated. You get L][ Reign Coin's as a reward for collaboration that can be redeemed for various items in game.   ...
Grand Opening!!!
We are online and happy to the grand opening, so today 10/04/2019 we are all ready and online, as promised all beta server participants will be rewarded with VIP account for one month after opening the server, to receiv...
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42 Players Online
1º   Shaolin 193 pvps
2º   MiVeRgA 175 pvps
3º   XXXDIABLOXXX 121 pvps
1º   Leonhartd 6 pks
2º   Morgana 6 pks
3º   Shaolin 4 pks
1º   TheKings lv 11
2º   OnlyVip lv 11
3º   ALLDIE lv 11
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